About InfoGuardian

About InfoGuardian

InfoGuardian is a Case, Document & Workflow Management System designed specially to provide a cost effective case management solutions to customers, local and foreign. Firms using this system can pre-build their workflow and document templates, which will in turn standardize numerous processes and enhance productivity and efficiency. InfoGuardian is a powerful tool which enables remote collaboration of information between related firms to assist in quick decision making and promote unprecedented levels of transparency.


The business world survives on the sharing of information between relevant parties. All businesses rely on one another for information in the form of documents, documents and more documents. Most of these documents, when subjected to high occurrences of physical contact or handling, can and inevitably will get misplaced or damaged. The higher the incidents of physical access, the higher the possibilities of the same important documents going missing. InfoGuardian is designed from the ground up to manage large volumn of documents in a digitalized format. The same images are published over the internet to enable authorised and secure access providing consistent information over the super cost efficient network known as the World Wide Web.

InfoGuardian is a purpose built tool suitable for all industries wherever there is a requirement to store large volumn of documents for an extended period of time due to legal obligations or statutory requirements from authorised bodies.

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