About e-Cover (Your Online Insurance Portal)

The customer-centric e-Cover Online Transaction Portal (“e-Cover”) is offered as a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) solution to the insurance industry.  This has helped to address the various issues arising from the biggest concerns in IT investments, namely the high capital expenditure, difficulties in retaining IT expertise, the technology risk, and the high costs of operating and maintaining IT systems.   The e-Cover system is charged on a ‘pay per use’ basis.

The e-Cover system has all the functionalities to support agencies of any size.  It enables the bigger agencies to work in a collaborative manner while enabling the smaller ones to have similar functionalities as the ‘big’ boys.

All the features use the common and familiar interface and the same mode of access. This enables
•    quick time-to-market
•    easy and instant implementation
•    ease in learning to use.


The e-Cover connectivity to various parties, allow seamless services to be offered to its customers. Furthermore, e-Cover not only provides end-to-end solutions electronically, creating a paperless environment which helps reduce the inefficiencies of the current manual processes, it allows insurance policies and confirmations to be printed at the point of sale.

The e-Cover system was awarded the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (“APICTA”) Merit Awards for the local and international “Best of Financial Applications” categories in 2006.

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