About IIMS (Integrated Insurance Management System)

The IIMS provides a total customer-centric solution for Insurers which covers all key operational functions, for example, product development, marketing, intermediary management, underwriting, policy management, reinsurance, claims, payment and accounts.  Although designed on a modular basis, all the various functions are seamlessly integrated.   Requirements for quick and real time information may be obtained with little hassle to make important operational decisions.   IIMS also incorporates the e-CMS (or electronic Claims Management System) which can be implemented on a stand-alone basis, if needed.

The e-CMS incorporates a built-in workflow and document management system which helps to avoid the current shortcomings of claims operations.  The workflow system allows different setups for the various products by product type, loss amount, loss type, etc to ensure the different processes within the set benchmarks are consistently met.  The system is able to monitor the performance of the staff and for work to be reassigned in the event of bottlenecks.

The IIMS system is able to cater for self rating where details of the customer keyed in during assessment are checked against the underwriting guide to determine the acceptance and rates chargeable invariably speeding up the processing time.

The IIMS platform supports multiple languages and currencies.

Both the IIMS and e-CMS were designed with a 3-tier architecture and were developed to the Java J2EE MVC 2 Model which allows for easy integration to other systems conforming to the standard.

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