Product Modules of IIMS

IIMS supports the various classes of general insurance with the Base Software consisting of the following:-

  • Class Modules
    • Underwriting Module For Motor
    • Underwriting Module For Fire
    • Underwriting Module For Bond
    • Underwriting Module For Engineering
    • Underwriting Module For Workmen Compensation
    • Underwriting Module For Miscellaneous Accident
    • Underwriting Module For Liability
    • Underwriting Module For Marine
    • Underwriting Module For Personal Accident
    • Underwriting Module For Health

IIMS is designed to support the processes of General Insurance companies at all phases of its business life-cycle and the following operational modules are in built to fully support all the classes of insurances as provided.

  • Operational Modules
    • System Admin/Security/Code Master Module
    • Agency and Marketing Module
    • Quotation Module
    • Cover Note Module
    • Package Policy Module
    • Installment Module
    • Risk Accumulation Module
    • Reinsurance Module
    • Claims Module
    • Renewal Module
    • Insurance Accounting Module
    • Financial Module (General Ledger)
    • Treaty Accounting Module
    • Agent Profit Commission Module
    • Reserve for Unexpired Risk Module
    • Premium Warranty Module
    • Incurred But Not Reported Module
    • Statement of Movement of Claims Module
    • Production Reporting Module (configurable by branch, SBU, client, intermediary, class, etc)
    • Production Enquiry Module (real-time)
    • Month-end Processing Module
    • Statutory Reporting Module


Benefits of IIMS

  • Quick time to market as the system is easily configurable to suit the user’s business requirements and is quickly adaptable to the changing market trends
  • Optimises the utilisation of resources by identifying and streamlining cumbersome business processes
  • Elimination of delays and errors of manually entering new and duplicative information; for example details of insured captured during policy processing in the marketing module need not be keyed in again in the claims module in the event of a claim which also accelerates processing time
  • Automated process management enables audit reviews and business process re-engineering for continuous improvement
  • Efficient management of integrated backend data and files due to the document imaging capability of storing digitized images of files, which allows for faster recall of information and less downtime due to lost or misplaced physical files.
  • Low risks in implementation as IIMS is designed from the ground up for the insurance industry related processes. To adapt the system to existing processes merely some configuration and minimal customization.
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