Product Modules of e-Cover

The Motor and Non-Motor Classes of Insurance available, are:-

  • Motor
  • Driver and Passengers Personal Accident
  • Personal Accident (Group & Individual)
  • Foreign Workers Medical / Health (Group & Individual)
  • Foreign Workers Insurance Guarantee
  • Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme
  • Fire
  • Houseowner / Householder
  • Marine Cargo
  • Marine Goods in Transit
  • Marine Open Cover
  • Liability
  • Golfer’s Insurance
  • Maid Insurance
  • General Cover Note (Free Text)

The e-Cover system is able to cater for the tariff market as well as the more complex de-tariff markets, as the system has been implemented in Singapore and Thailand.

Benefits of e-Cover

The e-Cover system has provided obvious benefits to the various key stakeholders and this has been reflected by the continuous adoption of new and enhanced services which are being introduced.

To Insurance Companies

  • Enhanced management and control of agencies
  • Rapid implementation period
  • Maintenance free
  • Electronic payment settlement
  • Immediate dissemination of information to agents

To Policyholders

  • Peace of mind – Fraud-free insurance
  • Better service from agents
  • Immediate receipt of policy
  • Easy accessibility

To Intermediaries

  • Ease of use – Common look & feel
  • Time saving – online for all transactions
  • Greater mobility for agents
  • Improved customer service

To the Government

  • Improved perception of the financial industry
  • Better accessibility leading to improved enforcement
  • Access to readily available information
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