Key Functionalities

IIMS is a modular yet fully integrated insurance processing system that supports the business and processes of General Insurance companies operating in today’s competitive and dynamic markets. The comprehensive functionalities provided by IIMS are developed exclusively for the industry, to make every step of the processes faster, easier, and accurate.  The flexible architecture supports user business and workflow processes, helps improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

The key functionalities include:

  • Web based application enables rapid deployment and connectivity for all users anytime anywhere.
  • Supports all classes of General Insurance and all processes with functionalities such as:-
    – Marketing, intermediary and channel management, whole policy lifecycle – policy administration (new business, renewal, endorsement, cancellation), accounting, agent’s  commission and statement, underwriting, risk assessment, risk accumulation, claims handling (registration, loss adjustment, reinsurance, etc
    –    Provides management information reporting and report writer including indices
    –    Financials (AR, AP, GL, recovery)
    –    Agents Commission and Statements
    –    Statutory reporting and statistics– central bank and industry group
  • Customer-centric RDMS (Relational Database Management System) provides a single view of the policyholder in order for the insurer to accurately profile and understand their customers’ needs.
  • Central electronic repository of data and files enabling common paperless access and real-time sharing of information and data either by staff, agents or systems.
  • Electronic work-flow(routing, approvals and alerts) ensures systematic and structured claims processing life cycle.  It also provides tracking of processing time and productivity.
  • Automated processes supporting reconciliation, claims recovery, payment, salvage and others.
  • Modular design allows an Insurer to purchase the modules individually as standalone applications.
  • Fast time to market due to configurable and parameterised system architecture means that the system is readily adaptable to any business process or requirement in a short time span with minimal customisations.
  • 3 Tiered architecture (Model View Control) keeps the business logic completely separate from the control and view logic, making it very easy to add new views to the application.
  • Developed in compliance to J2EE specification standard which allows for easy integration to other systems conforming to the standard Customer Relationship Management module where the data of insured captured may be further analysed and utilised to the Insurers benefit
  • The systems supports multiple languages and currencies.
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