Key Functionalities

For eligible members, the IPD will submit the scanned copies of the EPF Withdrawal Form, identity card in TIFF format, the encrypted thumbprints in Wavelet Scalar Quantization algorithm (“WSQ”), which is a compression algorithm used for gray-scale fingerprint images format, together with the withdrawal data, using the e-PPA system.

Prior to transmission to EPF, the e-PPA system will carry out a series of checks and validations to ensure the submissions comply with the EPF submission requirements. Any data or files that fail the validation checks would be rejected upfront and returned to the respective IPD without being transmitted to the EPF.  These upfront checks also include the verification of the encrypted fingerprint quality.

Similar checks are also carried out by the e-PPA system on reinstatement/ redemption of funds applications submitted by the IPDs, before they are transmitted to the EPF.

Additionally, the e-PPA also receives bank transaction details to confirm the deduction and credit of the EPF members’ accounts and to disseminate the same to the respective IPDs.

The use of the scanned fingerprints using the WSQ algorithm helps to the EPF to eliminate the need for eyeballing applications as part of the approval process, thus reducing the processing time and improving approval accuracy.



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