Effective Control Features

Due to the sensitive nature of the data InfoGuardian was designed to managed, controls within the system was channelled towards protecting the sanctity of data and the information the system house.

  • 3-Tier Architecture System
    Designed and developed in full compliance to 3-tier system architecture, InfoGuardian keeps data at the end most tier of the entire system to ensure maximum difficulty in obtaining access to the data and information over the net. This enables the system to incorporate numerous levels and numerous kinds of security into the routines to ensure authenticity of the users accessing the data.
  • Data Encryption
    Encryption of data is a norm in the Internet today. As data travels through the world wide web, employing special encryption technics become a necessity and not a luxury. Furthermore, system have grown sufficiently powerful to handle the loads thrown at them by the encryption routines draw on resources.
  • Firewall, SSL and Digital Certificates
    These items are never a question these days when deploying a web application. They are easily available and InfoGuardian can adopt all the industry standard applications and suppliers of these supporting solution and devices.
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