Key Functionalities

The e-Cover modules were all designed with both the insurance companies and agents (intermediaries) in mind.  Rexit has been continually adding new functionalities to provide the users of our portal an added business edge.

A summary of the key functionalities which are currently available in e-Cover is as follows:

  • Web-Based System
    The e-Cover web-based application allows users to carry out transactions 24 x 7 from anywhere.
  • Straight Through Processing from Frontend
    The data entry for e-Cover applications could be distributed to the attending agents or intermediary, thus alleviating the need for additional administration and allows straight through processing. Policies can be automatically processed and printing of policy certificates can be done at the agent’s location.
  • Daily Production Updates via SMS/e-mail
    Participating agents and insurers have the option of having daily production updates sent directly to their smartphones or, tablets for performance tracking.
  • Management of Agent’s Business
    The e-Cover application has built-in personal productivity tools such as calendaring, to do lists, renewal reminders etc for higher sales activity and productivity.
  • Renewal Management
    e-Cover’s Renewal Notice module allows the user to view impending renewals by date and class, in addition to providing soft or hardcopies of the renewal listing on demand.
  • On-Line User Manual
    The on-line user manual provides easy access to information on how to use the e-Cover system.
  • Electronic Bulletin Board
    The e-Cover system Bulletin Board provides the Principal with an effective communication tool for important updates or the latest news.
  • e-Policy and Endorsements
    Policies and endorsements can be printed in PDF formats for printing into physical copies or to be delivered to the policyholder via e-mail.  A security feature in the form of an algorithm that generates a unique series of numbers for each document generated provides the insurer with the means to authenticate documents and eliminate fraud.
  • e-Statements for Agents
    The e-Cover system is also able to provide electronic statements for agents, enabling real time tracking of transactions and reducing printing costs.
  • e-Payment Facilities
    With connectivity to any bank’s payment gateway, the e-Cover application can accept premium payments using credit cards or other electronic means.
  • Exception Alerts
    The e-Cover system is able to facilitate e-mail or SMS alerts to the designated person(s) when a new insurance application is made or a new claim is registered.
  • SMS Notifications
    The Principal may utilize e-Cover’s SMS notification feature to communicate with its customers or agents:
    1. Interactive function – Policy enquiry, commission statements, claims enquiry, contests and campaigns
    2. Broadcast function – Transaction status or confirmation, reminders, premiums due, commission paid, endorsement details, birthday greetings and promotion.
  • Contact Management
    The e-Cover Assist is a web based tele-sales support system which enables insurers and agents to enhance their customer service offerings. Agents and insurers now have the ability to call on their clients guided by a contact management system that facilitates follow-up, renewal and payment processing. This feature allows better contact and renewal management whilst minimising lapse rates of existing business.
  • Company Branding
    The e-Cover portal is fully customisable in terms of look and feel in order to present the insurer’s branding to intermediaries and the general public. The Principal may use their own URL address and users are allowed single sign-on access.
  • Mobile Version
    In order to cater to the growth and acceptance of mobile devices, the e-Cover is currently available for both the Apple iOS and the Google Android operating systems.  Recognising the increasing use of tablets and large screen smartphones, Rexit is progressively rolling out the mobile version to cater for the various classes, starting with motor.
  • Self-Management by Insurance Companies
    Rexit is sensitive to our customers’ requirements and has designed many of the e-Cover features to be configurable and parameterised.  Principals which opt for self-management of certain e-Cover functions, in order to respond to market needs more quickly, are allowed to do so.
  • Portal Features
    The e-Cover has been designed to allow access by multiple user types including the policyholders for self-service. The e-Cover can incorporate policyholders’ access in order for them check their policy details, payment and claims records, and to carry out policy renewals and premium payments.
    Other features like online claims notifications can be included depending on the insurance companies’ requirements.
  • Download Centre
    e-Cover can also allow insurers to upload various forms and documents for access by their agents as well as policyholders.  Examples of such forms may include standard policy wordings and claims forms.
  • Secure Transmission of Data
    The e-Cover system is securely accessed through HTTPS (certificate from Verisign with RSA 1024 bit) which conforms to BNM GPIS 1 security requirements. In addition to firewalls, our communication infrastructure is also protected by the ISS Proventia Intrusion Prevention System.
  • Stable and Tested Infrastructure
    The e-Cover Life system is built on the proven e-Cover architecture that averages over 600,000 transactions monthly involving all classes of insurance, which to date is worth over RM1.6 billion annually.
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