Effective Control Features

The e-PPA system includes the following features:

  • Access/Log-in Control
    Both Manual and Automated web services require a user Login ID and password to be submitted to the system for verification before the user/system is able to access the system to perform their functions such as upload and download.
  • Point to point access control
    MQ does not require login ID and password to be present. This is due to the fact that MQ is a direct system connection between two points established prior to the IPD joining the e-PPA system. This is secured via direct IP communications.
  • File level access control
    As added security, data files that are sent from each IPD regardless of method used would require a file level User ID and Password. Each IPD would have unique file User ID’s and Password assigned which would ensure that the originality of the submitting source.
  • Data file verification
    All data submitted by IPD is verified by the e-PPA system to ensure it conforms to data type and length. Any invalid data is rejected upfront and not stored in the system.
  • Transaction completeness
    Withdrawal files submitted from IPD is checked for their completeness. Each withdrawal transaction should have the required data, and the correct number/ type of images. If any transaction lacks a certain file, it is not processed by the system and is returned to the respective IPD for attention.
  • Transmission security
    Transmission between Rexit and EPF is secured by using a third party software imposed by EPF which encrypts and decrypts data sent between Rexit and EPF. A leased line is also used between Rexit and EPF of the purpose of transfer of data for the e-PPA transactions.


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